Hi girlies ♥

I just edited Yumart by taking out all of the out of stock items from each of the pages hoping it will make everything look more clean and less cluttered ^__^" I hope no-one was browsing the website just now because you probably clicked into some messy looking pages due to me in the middle of editing >_< I'm really sorry if anyone was caught in that!

I also wanted to make the announcement that I've finally decided on the direction of Yumart. Yumart has only been up and running for approximately 3 months now and during this time I was testing the waters a bit to see which direction I wanted to go towards and I've finally decided.

I've officially decided that I want Yumart to be about one-of-a-kind clothing items ^__^ My vision is to sell clothing items that no-one else will have the exact same of, therefore hoping it will be a special and unique addition to your fashion closet~ This decision then means every clothing item that I stock will only have 1 in stock and will not be restocked after it is sold. It also means I can post more variety of clothing items at a time so there will be more choices to choose from, opposed to if I stocked a lot of one item I would not be able to post a big variety.

Some of the clothing items I posted on the 13th of March have more than 1 in stock because I hadn't made my decision yet when I ordered those clothing, but from now on every upcoming new clothing item posted will only have 1 in stock and will not be restocked. Also please note that clothing items that were posted on the 13th of March will now not be restocked once all stocks are sold

Furthermore I wanted to apologize to those of you who emailed me about current out of stock items and my answer consisted of saying that upcoming Spring items can be restocked if needed, I'm so sorry that my decision now contradicts the answer that I gave you and made things more confusing >_<

Thank you so much for reading this long post! Hope everyone is doing well and having an awesome week :)

Yours sincerely,

3/14/2012 12:19:24 pm

So this means that when you add more items, there will only be 1 available? So if I wanted to get more items of the exact same product, I wouldn't be able to?

3/14/2012 02:50:55 pm

Hi Anon,

Yes that is correct! I want to go in a direction that allows people to buy one-of-a-kind pieces from Taiwan to add to their fashion collection~ There is just so much special and unique clothing here in Taiwan, each and every one are different in their own way and I want to get as much of that out to people as possible ^__^ Yumart is in its early stages so I'm incapable of doing both but rather need to choose between quantity or variety and I've decided to choose variety over quantity. Hopefully this will make everyone's buying experience more enjoyable by being able to buy special and unique one-of-a-kind pieces and choosing from a variety every few weeks.

I'm really sorry if this decision causes any inconveniences for you >_<

Kind regards,


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